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nur_misur ([personal profile] nur_misur) wrote2009-05-02 09:26 pm


I have serious doubts that I'll find any use for this journal, but it's always tempting to get in on the ground floor of something, yeah?

A note about the name:
I did consider sticking with the screenname Dynapink, since it's pretty much my default everywhere, but since I got here before anyone else had a chance to grab nur_misur, why the hell not take the opportunity?

Nur Misur means "Light of Egypt", and is the nickname of Nefret Emerson (nee Forth), one of my favourite characters in one of my favourite series of books. Just that simple. I'm one of maybe half a dozen people who doesn't despise Nefret, but I can't help but love her, faults and all. The Emerson family is rather like the Doctor, in that I adore all of them and find it all but impossible to choose a favourite.